Accelerate Recruitment Services

Are you involved in clinical research and seeking to enroll patients?

We understand the critical investment you make in getting your treatments to market and the big challenges that can appear during the process.

Revolutionize Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Accelerate and streamline patient recruitment for clinical trials with our cutting-edge tools and services. Our solutions, meticulously crafted by clinical research professionals, are designed to enhance marketing, enrollment, and engagement across the entire trial life cycle.


Effortlessly meet your targets with our comprehensive approach. Leverage strategic marketing, pre-qualifying questionnaires, and dedicated recruitment teams to save valuable time and energy for research sites.


Broaden your outreach to impact diverse populations, ensuring that scientific advances benefit all communities. Our tailored strategies increase inclusivity, fostering a more representative and impactful clinical trial landscape.


Automate essential tasks associated with tracking patients throughout the clinical trial journey, from initial pre-screening to the study's successful closeout. Improve efficiency and enhance participant retention rates.

We excel at expediting patient enrollment across a wide spectrum of conditions. Propel your trial forward, reaching completion faster by connecting with the patients you need. Our customizable tools are expertly crafted and supported by clinical research professionals who grasp the intricacies of today’s studies.
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Take Control of the Recruitment Process

Accelerate Recruitment creates and manages ad campaigns that generate leads

Leads then fill out a form online with lots of underlying technology to assist with routing, tasks, and qualification

Sites then use TruView to access referrals and subjects and automate tasks throughout the study

Get real-time statistics and download reports to measure team and study performance

TruView enables the routing to and monitoring of secondary screeners

Keep subjects aware of their subsequent visits and what they must do to assist with study compliance

Behind the Numbers

The high stakes of meeting enrollment targets in clinical trials

That is where Accelerate Recruitment comes in. Our end-to-end patient recruitment and engagement services are helping sponsors and sites to achieve enrollment goals.

25% Study Shutdowns

Our research shows that 20 to 25% of studies close because they fail to meet enrollment targets.

37% Missed Opportunities

37% of sites under-enroll volunteers, and 11% fail to enroll a single patient.

80% Stalled Progress

Approximately 80% of clinical trials are delayed or closed because of recruitment problems.

600k Massive Costs

Delays can cost sponsors between $600,000 and $8 million for each day that a trial delays a product’s development and launch.

1.2k Counting the losses

Screen failure rates are significantly costly for sponsors and the cost on average across the industry is roughly $1200 per failure.

Accelerate your trials

Turbocharge your clinical trials with our creative marketing campaigns, innovative strategies, and TruView, a platform dedicated to recruitment and retention of patients in clinical trials.

Explore our tailored solutions for an in-depth breakdown of the impactful services at Accelerate Recruitment Services. Our commitment to success is reflected in every detail, from personalized marketing strategies to cutting-edge automation tools. Join us as we navigate the core pillars of our service portfolio, unveiling thoughtfulness, innovation, and expertise to transform your vision into reality.

Accelerate Recruitment

Accelerate Recruitment is your dedicated partner in accelerating medical innovation. We empower clients to bring life-changing technologies to market faster through our comprehensive patient recruitment and retention solutions. No challenge is too complex – our team develops tailored strategies for every study and site, ensuring you meet enrollment goals and achieve timely regulatory approvals.

AccelRecruitment is your trusted partner, accelerating the path of life-changing medical technologies to market. With a relentless focus on effective patient recruitment and retention, we develop customized strategies for every study and site, ensuring timely enrollment and regulatory approvals.

But our commitment goes beyond just filling enrollment quotas. We understand the critical role of high-quality data in achieving successful clinical outcomes. That’s why we offer expert analysis of patient-reported and clinical outcome assessments, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions and advance your research goals.

Together, let’s bridge the gap between innovation and market access, unlocking the potential for better health and improved lives.