Accelerate Recruitment Services

Full Stack clinical trial recruitment services and platform

Elevate your trials with expert patient retention strategies and successful outcomes.

Trust our Capabilities

We draw upon our 40 years of extensive experience to showcase our proven track record and expertise in delivering exceptional results at a reduced cost and timeline.

Creation of Sponsor, IRB, and any other approval submission packages.

Launch and evaluation of digital recruitment strategies.

Automated and two-way communication (Voice, SMS and email) with TruView.

Secondary screening services by experienced coordinators.

Campaign data and analytics real-time through TruView.

Take control of your enrollment objectives

If you are concerned that your sites are unlikely to meet enrollment goals, you need to evaluate other strategies to augment their efforts.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Craft a personalized marketing strategy designed to precisely address the unique requirements of your study, ensuring strategic alignment and effective outreach.

Sustained Patient Commitment

Expedite the achievement of patient targets and foster lasting commitment throughout the study, ensuring participant engagement until the very last visit.

Comprehensive Referral Outreachs

Enhance communication and engagement at every touchpoint by utilizing our Call Center, SMS, and email communications hub for a comprehensive referral outreach.

Improved Success Rates

Mitigate screen failures and enhance success rates through our Secondary Screener services, optimizing the screening process for increased efficacy.

Discover Our Benefits

Effective and Scalable Patient Recruitment

Leverage our patient recruitment campaigns for measurable, effective, and scalable options. Grant sponsors and CROs unprecedented control to meet or exceed enrollment milestones.

Effortless Recruitment

Efficiently monitor recruitment activities in real-time with our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard, providing insights into activities across all participating sites.

Increased Conversion Rates with Automation Tools

Access our automation tools to streamline the patient recruitment process, providing higher conversion rates with reduced effort for enhanced efficiency.

Centralized Multiple Campaign Management

Effortlessly centralize multiple campaigns using our API, creating a unified platform for streamlined management and coordination.

Tailored Enrollment

Craft your enrollment success with precision using our unique planning process, drawing on in-house expertise in market research, site management, media planning, data analytics, patient experience, patient advocacy, and diversity and inclusion. Tailor your strategy for optimal results.

Transparent Investment

Gain insights into your investment by measuring and optimizing campaigns across channels. Track where your investment is making the most significant impact for strategic decision-making.

Competitive Pricing for Strategic Planning

Unlock success in your clinical trials with our competitive rates for strategic recruitment services.

At Accelerate Recruitment, we are committed to elevate your clinical trial outcomes. Our pricing structures are designed to offer value, transparency, and flexibility, ensuring that you have the tools and support needed for a successful clinical trial journey.


$ 2,000 Single site

$ 4,000 Multi-site


$ 1,000 per site

Secondary screening

$ 50 per site