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We specialize in assisting sponsors and research sites in achieving their clinical trial enrollment objectives through a comprehensive range of services. Our offerings encompass strategic recruitment planning, meticulous execution of patient recruitment initiatives, and effective strategies for patient retention.

Recruit Faster, Attract Diversity Retain More

Accelerate patient recruiting process for clinical trials with our tailored technology and marketing solutions.

Our mission is to enhance the efficiency of patient recruiting while promoting diversity and bolstering retention in clinical trials through tailor-made technology and marketing solutions. Recognizing the demand for heightened accuracy, speed, and inclusivity in patient recruiting, we conceptualized an integrated marketing platform and communication tool to revolutionize the recruitment process, rendering it swift, transparent, and highly effective. Introducing TruView, our cutting-edge engagement platform designed to elevate patient recruitment and empower sites to communicate seamlessly with patients from a centralized system. Concurrently, sponsors and clinical research organizations can monitor recruitment activity and access real-time reports across multiple research sites.

Exceed Recruitment Targets

Our end-to-end patient recruitment and engagement services are helping sponsors and sites to achieve enrollment goals.


Outperforming Competition

A Sponsor once said we provided a 3:1 return compared to our competitors.

100k +

Research Participation
We have worked with over 100k unique people seeking to participate in clinical research.

3.5 hr

Recruiter Productivity
TruView saves on average 3 and half hours per full time recruiter per day.

19M +

Ad-Targeted Views
The total count of unique views (targeted by ads) is almost 19 million.

Revolutionizing Clinical Research

Accelerate Recruitment’s innovative solutions, including recruitment services, TruView, and Secondary Screening, have transformed clinical trials nationwide and impacted sponsors globally.
Accelerate Recruitment Services, established in 2019, was conceived with the aim of revolutionizing antiquated recruitment strategies and cultivating superior-quality referrals. Our founders are seasoned clinical research professionals with extensive on-site expertise, driven by the realization that there had to be a more effective approach. Driven by a vision for higher quality referrals and a lighter burden on coordinators, we crafted an innovative and transparent approach that quickly caught the eye of sponsors. Invited to expand our reach, we tripled qualified referrals per dollar spent, earning the complete handover of a central ad campaign. But growth brought new challenges: sites needed help managing the surge in qualified leads. Thus, TruView was born. This platform automates tasks, streamlines project management, and empowers sponsors to optimize budgets and achieve recruitment goals effortlessly.
Recognizing the lack of dedicated recruiters at many sites, we introduced our Secondary Screening service. This ensures sites are never overwhelmed, as each referral undergoes pre-screening by our expert team. Today, Accelerate Recruitment offers a comprehensive solution for sites and sponsors, from innovative recruitment strategies to intuitive technology and dedicated support. We are committed to empowering our partners and accelerating the progress of clinical research. Committed to faster recruitment, fostering diverse participation, and improving retention rates, we’ve empowered thousands to access crucial treatments. We remain dedicated to continuous innovation, driving scientific advancements and bringing new treatments and cures to market.

Empowering Clinical Research Recruitment, Success

Accelerate Recruitment offers TruView, a clinical research recruitment project management and engagement platform that helps sites and sponsors succeed.

Patient Recruitment and Retention

Our goal encompass strategies and efforts aimed at effectively attracting, maintaining, and actively involving participants in clinical trials.

Ad Targeting

We leverage ad platform automation to ensure the campaign messages reach the right audience.

Pre-screener Form Processing
Analyze pre-screener data through intelligent rules and logic to quickly identify qualified leads, saving valuable time and resources.
Lead Distribution (Rules-based Routing)
Automatically distribute pre-qualified leads to the most appropriate research sites based on specific criteria, maximizing the chances of successful enrollment.

Project Management

Our end-to-end patient recruitment and engagement services are helping sponsors and sites to achieve enrollment goals.
Prioritized Tasks Lists
Generate dynamic task lists for research site coordinators, prioritizing action items based on real-time data and intelligent rules, ensuring efficient workflow and optimal performance.
Patient Communication and Engagement
Automate personalized communication with potential and enrolled patients through various channels, fostering engagement and improving retention rates.

Visit Reminders
Send timely automated reminders to patients and coordinators, ensuring no visit is missed and data collection remains on track.
Task Reminders
Alert research site coordinators of upcoming tasks and deadlines, ensuring timely completion and adherence to research protocols.

Data Insights and Reporting

We analyze and interpret your campaign data to extract valuable insights and trends, which you can access at any time.

Real-time KPI Dashboard
Access a comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time data and key performance indicators, allowing for informed decision-making and rapid course correction when needed.
Generate detailed reports that offer valuable insights into recruitment progress, patient engagement, and site performance, enabling strategic planning and optimization.

Client Testimonials

Our journey is not just about delivering exceptional services, it’s about the transformative experiences our clients have had with us.
Jill Heinz, MHS, CCRC, CRCP

President of Injury Care Research & Family Care Research

“In a few short years Accelerate Recruitment has surpassed all of our other recruitment sources that we’ve been using for years. At our site, we track all of our recruitment sources and Accelerate Recruitment has now come out as our main source of patient leads leading to enrolled patients! They’re easy to work with, quick and efficient. Out of 10 stars, I’d give them 11!”
Pamela Zicker, NP

Vice President of Patient Access of Spine BioPharma, Inc.

“Accelerate Recruitment transformed our recruitment strategy, significantly reducing time to randomization. The Clinical Research Coordinators like working with TruView platform and appreciate the features such as automated text message appointment reminders. The KPI dashboard provides invaluable insights resulting in improved site management. I consider Accelerate an essential part of our team and could not have met enrollment milestones without them.”

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